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Why Partner with Us?
Every donation made to Karunika Foundation does more than just provide immediate aid; it helps write a story of hope, resilience, and a brighter tomorrow. By choosing to support us, you are not only becoming a part of our mission, but you're also leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless children.

Success Stories: The Impact of Generosity

  • Roshani's Journey: From a small village in the Himalayas, Roshani faced daunting odds. Thanks to the unwavering support of donors like you, today, Roshani is not only attending school but excelling in her studies. With the nourishing meals we provide, he now looks forward to school every day. Your donations empowered Roshani to dream big! 

  • Family by Heart's Stationary Facility: In a village just outside Kathmandu, our stationary facility is a testament to what collective effort can achieve. Once with limited resources, today, it's a bustling center of learning and growth, all thanks to our donors. Children here are not only learning but are also forging bonds that resemble a family. 

The Real Impact of Your Donation:

  1. Education: Every dollar contributes to textbooks, stationery, uniforms, and essential learning resources. Equip a child with tools for a brighter future.

  2. Nutrition: Your contribution ensures that children like Roshan don’t go to bed hungry. By sponsoring meals, you are fueling dreams and aspirations.

  3. Holistic Development: Beyond academics, your support aids in the overall development of a child, be it through health check-ups, extracurricular activities, or emotional well-being programs.

  4. Sustained Support: Continuous donations allow us to run and expand programs like "Family by Heart," reaching more children in need, both near Kathmandu and in the remotest areas of the Himalayas.

Become a Beacon of Hope: Your support can transform lives. By joining hands with [Your Foundation's Name], you're directly impacting the futures of countless children. Donate today and watch as your generosity unfolds into stories of success, growth, and boundless hope.