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Welcome to Karunika Foundation

Karunika Foundation is a humanitarian and educational institution for children situated in Nepal.

Created to bring help to children derived from the poorest material and social environments.

Karunika cares for over seven hundred children (2023) in 5 districts in Nepal, and delivers daily educational support, mid-day school meal, and other live supporting materials like seasonal and school dress.

The stationary facility in Pharping, Kathmandu, Nepal, carries 15 children.

Provides them with meals, and supports children with their correct development, fulfilling the role of a second home. 

The first Karunika facility, established in 2012, is in Pharping.  It is called Karunika Tuition Center and is registered as an educational institution. 

In 2021, in connection with the development, the Karunika Foundation was registered, which creates the basis for wider helping actions. 

The most significant impact of bringing help is the program Family by heart, which lets us take long-term care of a child from an unprivileged background. It results in radical changes into a better life and determines a stable and promising future. 

Another program saving lives and supporting children's education is the Mid-day food meal. 

Karunika presently runs and supports a couple of hundred children providing nutritious hot meals daily basis all year.