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Announcing the "Family by Heart" Program

A program providing daily care and supporting the education of Nepali children from unprivileged backgrounds.

We are pleased to introduce the "Family by Heart" initiative at our esteemed Nepali foundation. This heartfelt program is designed to bridge the vast geographical and socio-economic divides by connecting compassionate Guardian-Supporter Families around the globe with our cherished children hailing from the most remote and underserved regions.

Despite the rich cultural tapestry and indomitable spirit that defines Nepal, there are still corners of our nation where dreams of education still need to be made more explicit. Barriers like poverty, isolation, and inadequate facilities often surround these children and their aspirations. "Family by Heart" seeks to dissolve these barriers. By becoming a Guardian-Supporter, you are not just sponsoring a child's education, food, and essential needs but also becoming an integral part of their journey towards a brighter future. Your support embodies the very essence of the phrase "Family by Heart," transcending traditional definitions and establishing profound bonds. Let's come together and weave a tapestry of hope, dreams, and boundless possibilities for these deserving souls.

Join us, be a part of this transformational journey, and let's redefine what family truly means.

Get to know us - Children's guardians

Join us. office@karunika.org. If you are in Poland - the program is run by Maitri, the Association for Aid to the Poor in Third World Countries. We will redirect you to the Maitri office, which will assign a child from Nepal to your care.