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Welcome to Karunika NEPAL

KARUNIKA is a humanitarian and educational institution for children, situated in Nepal.
Created for benefit of bringing help for children derived from the poorest material and social environments.

In 2015, it delivered humanitarian aid in the eye of an earthquake- a natural cataclysm, that touched Kathmandu valley in Nepal and caused unimaginable loss.

Now it takes care of over two hundred children and delivers educational, material, and health care on a daily time. The facility gives out warm meals six times per week. It also supports children with their correct development, fulfilling the role of a second home. 
The first Karunika facility established in 2012 is located in Pharping near Kathmandu. It is called Karunika Tuition Center and is registered as an educational, non-profit institution. In the current year 2021 in connection with the development, the Karunika Foundation was registered, which creates the basis for wider helping actions. 

The greatest impact of bringing help possesses the program of Heart Adoption, which lets taking special care for a chosen child. This is a long-lasting obligation of protection till the completion of a child’s primary education. It results in radical changes (in sense of care) into a better life and determines his or her chance for a stable and good future. 
If you are interested in becoming a member of the program, please contact us for details. 

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