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You can support the activity of Karunika either through action or donation.

If you want to support the specific project of Karunika, please mention it in the donation. We accept donations through bank deposit.

Bank Account:

1.) Recipient name: KARUNIKA FOUNDATION

2.) Address: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

3.) A/C No.: 010100072049524

4.) Bank Name and address (branch): Bank of Kathmandu Limited

5.) Bank address: Po. Box 2412 Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal



Institutional and corporate partnerships

Our institutional and corporate partners use their power and abilities in a way of improving the world and helping people.

They are directly improving the way of life of children and disadvantaged background people all over the world.

You can choose any project you wish and give direct help. 


The Movement of Solidarity with the Poor of the Third World MAITRI remains a federation of ordinary people’s communities working together to provide support to those living in very poor economic conditions of the developing countries.

MAITRI Movement's mission is expressed through the acts of love and care towards the poorest. With Karunika has been running the mid-day school meal program for over a year for children from poor families.

They Have a Future Foundation

Helps children around the world from the unprivileged background by supporting their education.

Misja Szkola - Misyjne Drogi

 School mission - give the youngest a chance.
It is a project run since 2012 by the magazine Missionary Paths for the poorest children in Africa and Asia. The program helps in educating the child from the unprivileged background and helps in raising, nourishing, dressing, and providing conditions for proper development and a better future.